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   * [[codesamples:using_static|Using static]]   * [[codesamples:using_static|Using static]]
   * [[codesamples:indexed_property|Indexed property]]   * [[codesamples:indexed_property|Indexed property]]
-  * [[codesamples:sorting_collection|Sorting a collection]]+  * [[codesamples:sorting_collection|Sorting a collection using LinQ]] 
 +  * [[codesamples:sorting_collection_delegate|Sorting an object collection using a delegate]]
   * [[codesamples:initalizing_net_array|Initialize a .NET array]]   * [[codesamples:initalizing_net_array|Initialize a .NET array]]
   * [[codesamples:broadcast_message_winforms|Broadcasting a message to all windows in a WinForms application]]   * [[codesamples:broadcast_message_winforms|Broadcasting a message to all windows in a WinForms application]]
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