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 +====== Nullable Datatypes ======
 +Contrary to VO, many datatypes in the .NET Framework don't allow null values. ​
 +One of the most important ones is the DataTime class, that cannot have a null value, contrarily to VO, where a date variable can contain null_date.
 +In the .NET Framework there is the ''​Nullable''​ datatype, defined as follows:
 +and to be used like this:
 +<​code>​local dDate as Nullable<​DateTime>​
 +dDate := null
 +dDate := DateTime.Now</​code>​
 +Reference types in the .NET Framework don't need ''​Nullable'',​ they already support null values.
 +For more information see [[https://​​en-us/​dotnet/​csharp/​programming-guide/​nullable-types/​|​en-us/​dotnet/​csharp/​programming-guide/​nullable-types/​]]
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