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 +====== RT_MANIFEST constant ======
 +In VO (and Vulcan.NET) the RT_MANIFEST constant is defined as follows:
 +<code visualfoxpro>DEFINE RT_MANIFEST := PTR (_CAST,24)</code>
 +In VO, this may work (but there are cases where it seems to not work correctly, i.e. the builtin manifest is not correctly recognized correctly when it comes to load COM modules in SideBySide operations), but the X# compiler will return an error:
 +<code>Failed in compiling native resources
 +error RC2237 : numeric value expected at _CAST
 +error RC1013 : mismatched parentheses
 +error RC2135 : file not found: _CAST</code>
 +To make this compile, simply replace the RT_MANIFEST constant in your RC file by the value 24, or define your own constant:<code visualfoxpro>define RT_MANIFEST := 24</code>
 +In later versions after version, the VOXPorter should take care of this. 
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