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 EXECUTE=C:\XSharp\Compiler\VOXPorter\VOXporter.exe</code> EXECUTE=C:\XSharp\Compiler\VOXPorter\VOXporter.exe</code>
-Another possibility is to edit the ''XIDE.cfg'' file in your main XIDE folder, and add entries in the ''[FileTools]'' section. If this section does not exist, add it. 
-xml = notepad.exe 
-txt = wordpad.exe,%1</code> 
-The 2nd syntax allows you to use command line options, for example 
-<code>wordpad.exe , /param1 %1 /param2</code> 
-(%1 is replaced with the filename) 
-If you press CTRL or SHIFT while opening a file, it gets opened inside XIDE, instead of the tool you specified. 
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