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 +====== Reference Templates ======
 +To simplify the addition of references to a project, you can add your own references groups to XIDE.
 +Simply edit the file ''Config\References.cfg'' in your XIDE folder and add what you like.
 +This is a sample for WPF applications:
 +<code>NAME = CLR4 WPF 
 +FF = CLR4,PresentationCore
 +FF = CLR4,PresentationFramework
 +FF = CLR4,System
 +FF = CLR4,System.Core
 +FF = CLR4,System.Data
 +FF = CLR4,System.Windows
 +FF = CLR4,System.XAML
 +FF = CLR4,System.XML
 +FF = CLR4,WindowsBase</code>
 +But you can also add your own libraries here:
 +<code>NAME = rdm WPF libs
 +FF = C:\DevNET\Libs\rdm\rdm.BaseLib.dll
 +FF = C:\DevNET\Libs\rdm\rdm.PostgreSQL.dll
 +FF = C:\DevNET\Libs\rdm\rdm.MVVMBase.dll
 +FF = C:\DevNET\Libs\rdm\rdm.MVVMControls.dll
 +FF = C:\DevNET\Libs\rdm\rdm.MVVMHelper.dll
 +FF = C:\DevNET\Libs\rdm\rdm.SQLBase.dll
 +FF = C:\DevNET\Libs\rdm\rdm.WPFLib.dll</code>
 +Please pay attention to uncheck the References.cfg the next time you install a newer XIDE version - otherwise your changes will go lost. It would be a good idea to create immediatly a backup of the changed file, so you can revert to it in case your changed configuration will be overwritten.
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