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The Advantage Database Server on Linux

Unfortunately the ADS software was not written originally for Linux, and therefore there are several important differences to ADS for Windows (I have never used ADS for Novell Netware, and I have my doubts there will be any new installations).

The biggest difference is that the Linux filesystem is case sensitive, and therefore you have to put the option


in the file ads.conf (the main configuration file).

The second problem is that even if your Linux server is running Samba, and can be resolved with both DNS and the Windows Network name resolution, the ADS RDD will not be able to find it (that is true also for the Advantage Data Architect). So you need to put the IP address in the ADS.INI of your application:


This may be a problem if your server has more than one IP address and is used from different networks. In that case the only solution I have found was to set the environment variable

function SetAdsIni( oSysIni as IniFileSpec ) as string pascal
local cIPAddress as string
local cAdsIniLoc as string
cIPAddress := AllTrim( GetIPAddress( "your_server" ) )
if ! cIPAddress == ""
  cAdsIniLoc := oSysIni:GetString( "Settings", "AdsIniLoc_" + cIPAddress, "g:\alpifakt\" ) 
  SetEnvironmentVariable( String2PSZ( "adsini_path" ), String2PSZ( cAdsIniLoc ) )

Another problem is that the ADS daemon is not looking at the Linux group rights for its rights checking - so if the advantage user has not full write rights to the data directory and all parent directories, it will refuse to create and access database files in that directory. So, if you cannot or are not able to change the folders ownership, your best option will be to install the acl package (on Debian Linux) and use a command similar to

setfacl -m u:advantage:rwx /home/daten

to give the needed rights to the advantage user.

Last remark: since the Linux daemon has no user interface, you need to use the Advantage Data Architect ARC with the Tools - Remote Server Information to see the status of your server software.

And if you are installing on Debian Linux and the daemon refuses to start, you may have to install the libnss-nis package.

References: - see “Installing the Advantage Database Server Daemon for Linux” and “Advantage Linux Development Notes”

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