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Advantage Database Server

If you are using the Advantage Database Server with the Vulcan RDD, please follow the instructions how to use the ADS Vulcan RDD.

For the ADSSQLServer class and some ADS functions please not port them over from VO, but use the prg files that are supplied with the Vulcan RDD. There are some differences that will give you runtime errors if you are using the ported VO version. This is particularly important for the DBFAXS library - there are some very important changes between the Vulcan and the VO version, for example these:

IF  ( ValType( bMode ) != 'L' ) // VO version
if  ( ValType( bMode ) != "L" ) // Vulcan version


usServerTypes := _or( usServerTypes, DBFAXS_ADS_LOCAL_SERVER ) // VO version
usServerTypes := (word)_OR( usServerTypes, DBFAXS_ADS_LOCAL_SERVER ) // Vulcan version

If you are using the Vulcan v4 runtime, you should know that the ADS developers have build this RDD only for .NET Framework v2, and not for v4. Therefore this RDD will not work with X#. As solution you can decompile the RDD with some decompiler, change the dependencies and the framework and recompile it, or maybe you can find someone that publishes an already fixed RDD.

But this should be a problem only for a limited timeframe as the X# team plans to release their own Advantage RDD in the year 2018. They stated that the ADS RDD will be the first RDD they will release.

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