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Namespaces are a possibility (that you should use, but not overuse!) to structure your classes.

A sample of working code:


begin namespace Customer
class Item
# Class code
end class
end namespace


begin namespace Supplier
class Item
# Class code
end class
end namespace

and now how to use these classes:

local oCustomerItem as Customer.Item
local oSupplierItem as Supplier.Item
oCustomerItem := Customer.Item{}
oSupplierItem := Supplier.Item{}

Please note that with the “using” statement you don't need to fully specify the class like in this code:

using Customer
local oItem as Item
oItem := oItem{}

For the compiler, it must be clear which class to use, so if you have use classes that are defined multiple times in different namespaces, you need to fully qualify them. The following code will lead to a compiler warning:

using Customer
using Supplier
local oCustomerItem as Item
oCustomerItem := Item{}

because you need to specify which class to take. The compiler has no chance to do that correctly.

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