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Status of VO Addons for X#

  • ReportPro: The maintenance for ReportPro was taken over by the X# development team. You have to be a member of the FoX program and send a documentation of your ReportPro purchase to the development team and you will have access to the current X# version for ReportPro 2/3 (and the enhanced VO version too)
  • bBrowser: The development team has worked together with Joachim Bieler to port the bBrowser.NET to X#. The update is already available, and the upgrade cost should be similar to the Vulcan.NET upgrade ( ). The price, availability and an eventual sidegrade from the Vulcan.NET version was not yet confirmed. The Vulcan.NET version can be easily ported to the X# runtime. Tests with the author helped to discover and fix a few issues in the runtime.
  • SEUIXP: SEUIXP was already ported to Vulcan.NET and also to X#. Only the final polish and documentation is missing. It will be selled at the cost of the Vulcan.NET version ( ). Both the price and the availability for the end of October 2019 were confirmed by the author, but it was not yet released (November 2019)
  • VO2ADO: VO2ADO was written by one of the X# team members, and was already ported to X#, but needs some polish and documentation. It will be available about end of November 2019. The cost will be the same as the cost for VN2ADO, and free of cost for who already has purchased VN2ADO ( ). Both the availability and the cost has been confirmed by the author.
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