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Where to find help

Unfortunately it is not easy to find the right source for help and documentation.

This is caused mainly by the fact that X# is very open and can use functionalities from different worlds.

  • The X# language itself: in the X# language documentation, and because it is not yet complete, sometimes also in the Vulcan.NET help file
  • The Vulcan.NET runtime: in the Vulcan.NET help file
  • The .NET framework: online in the MSDN, maybe adding C# to the search terms, or in the .NET API-Browser by Microsoft
  • The .NET reference source for source of .net framework: by Microsoft
  • for the VO compatibility classes (GUI classes, RDD classes, System Classes etc.): in the VO documentation
  • For other questions about classes: Google is your friend, adding C# to the search terms. You will find a lot of solutions in pages like Stackoverflow, and most of them are easy to adopt and translate
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