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Placeholders and Prebuild/Postbuild events

For Prebuild and Postbuild events in XDIE the following placeholders are available:

  • %ProjectOutputPath%
  • %AppPath%
  • %ProjectPath%
  • %ConfigPath%
  • %AppName%
  • %AssemblyName%

A small sample for the executable cmd.exe:

%AppPath%Prg\App.config %ProjectOutputPath%%ConfigPath%%AssemblyName%.exe.config /y

or more powerful using a cmd file (from real use):

/c c:\xsharp\xide\postbuildcopy.cmd "%AssemblyName%.dll" "%ProjectOutputPath%%ConfigPath%" "c:\devnet\libs\rdm"

where postbuildcopy.cmd has the following content:

@echo off
set assemblyname=%1
set sourcepath=%2%
set targetpath=%3%
set sourcefile=%sourcepath%\%assemblyname%
set targetfile=%targetpath%\%assemblyname%
if not exist %sourcefile% goto endcmd
if exist %targetfile% goto replace
copy %sourcefile% %targetfile%
goto endcmd
replace %sourcefile% %targetpath% /u

After request, the author has added another powerful option to XIDE: The possibility to copy all assemblies of a project to a specific folder. This is particularly useful for library projects.

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