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A sample XIDE plugin

Here you can find a complete sample for an XIDE plugin with some useful functions. For a short description how a plugin works please see here: The XIDE plugin system.

This plugin has the following functions:

  • Insert a textblock at cursor position (textblocks can be defined as prg files)
  • Show the XSError.log file
  • Open the BIN folder of your project
  • Copy the application folder name to the clipboard
  • Open a command prompt in the BIN folder (setting the Visual Studio environment variables)
  • Open an elevated rights command prompt with the Visual Studio environment variables
  • Execute GUIDgen to create GUIDs

To simply use this plugin, simply copy the DLL in your Plugins subdirectory. If you wish to change the plugin code and recompile it, please adjust the assemblies path according to your installation.

Source and binary are here:

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