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Hints for use of the VO XPorter

The VO XPorter does a very good job migrating your VO code to X#, but of course it cannot fix all your code in the porting process. There are some constructs that are not compatible between X# and VO. If you need a continuos migration process where the VO version of your software continues to evolve, then you should make all your changes on the VO side, and there are some possibilities to keep code different between VO and X#.

  • #ifdef/#endif
#ifdef __XSHARP__
local cCodeBlock as _CodeBlock
local cCodeBlock as string
cCodeblock := MCompile( "1+3" )

Please not that the VO XPorter will not touch your code between #ifdef and #endif statements

  • special comment tags:
// VXP-COM : comments the line when exporting it
// VXP-UNC : uncomments the line
// VXP-DEL : deletes the line contents

If you add one of these special comments in your code, then you will be even able to change function arguments and return types on functions and methods.

function GetCodeblock( cCode as string ) as string pascal // VXP-DEL
// function GetCodebock( cCode as string ) as _Codeblock pascal //VXP-UNC
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