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How to start with X# if you are a VO programmer

If you are a VO programmer, these tips can be helpful to you.

  • X# comes with an (optional) IDE that is similar to the Visual Objects IDE. So if you are not familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio, starting with XIDE may make learning easier.
  • Install X# (of course) and XIDE. XIDE may be needed for some samples. But you need to be registered on to be able to download the installer. The X# compiler can be used free of charge, even for commercial purposes
  • Play with two of the standard applications that come with XIDE: the “Basic X# Application” and the “Basic X# Form Application”
  • If you are interested in WPF, you can also have a look at the samples at the “Samples” page in XIDE
  • download the “Vulcan.NET at Warp Speed Guide” from here: Vulcan.NET Getting Started. It is for Vulcan.NET, but apply most also to X#
  • look at the forums Examples and Pearls. They contain several samples a pieces of code by some contributors, and also by the X# Development Team itself
  • There is a page that links to some forum contributions that are very interesting: X# Pearls
  • You can find some samples and documentation also here: X# sample downloads
  • There is also a document that lists some of the differences between VO and X#: Differences_VO_XS.pdf

Of course, you can ask in the forums, and someone will try to answer your questions. And use Google, and add “C#” to your search terms: there are a lot of solutions for every problem - you will be surprised.

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