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How to start with X# if you are a VO programmer

If you are a VO programmer, these tips can be helpful to you.

  • X# comes with an (optional) IDE that is similar to the Visual Objects IDE. So if you are not familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio, starting with XIDE may make learning easier.
  • Install X# (of course) and XIDE. XIDE may be needed for some samples. But you need to be registered on to be able to download the installer. The X# compiler can be used free of charge, even for commercial purposes
  • Play with two of the standard applications that come with XIDE: the “Basic X# Application” and the “Basic X# Form Application”
  • If you are interested in WPF, you can also have a look at the samples at the “Samples” page in XIDE
  • download the “Vulcan.NET at Warp Speed Guide” from here: Vulcan.NET Getting Started. It is for Vulcan.NET, but apply most also to X#
  • look at the forums Examples and Pearls. They contain several samples a pieces of code by some contributors, and also by the X# Development Team itself
  • There is a page that links to some forum contributions that are very interesting: X# Pearls
  • You can find some samples and documentation also here: X# sample downloads
  • There is also a document that lists some of the differences between VO and X#: Differences_VO_XS.pdf
  • Migrate a VO application using the Vulcan runtime libraries and XIDE: Migrate from VO using XIDE and the Vulcan runtime

Of course, you can ask in the forums, and someone will try to answer your questions. And use Google, and add “C#” to your search terms: there are a lot of solutions for every problem - you will be surprised.

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